Zermatt in Winter

On our way home from Bettmeralp we did a we detour via Zermatt to see how our friend, the Matterhorn, was holding out in the cold winter.  We had seen the Matterhorn each day from the distance on Bettmeralp.  Miriam’s parents had been to Zermatt and had loved it so Miriam was keen to check it out too.

It wasn’t too different to summer time except all the skiiers and snow and it was pretty chilly!  The tourist shops were lacking all the cool summer t-shirts I remember too.  The ride up in the train is pretty slow but worth it for the views.  The frozen waterfalls were incredible!  We had to take a winter time picture to compare with the summer time photos when we were there with Missie and Simon in July.

Here are two photos, taken one in winter and one in summer from the same bridge in Zermatt – so you can compare for yourself!

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  1. 1 Kathryn

    Thats cool! I think it looks much nicer in summer. The winter photo makes it all look a bit bleak and cold! Hope you guys are well xxx

  2. 2 Priscilla

    Wow that frozen waterfall pic is amazing!! oh yeah i’m friends with Miriam’s brother Stephen ha (through uni)

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