Weight a minute

In which Dan tells of his battle of the bulge, and breaking his addiction to other harmful substances.

It’s a compelling tale, so do read on…

I probably wouldn’t normally blog about this sort of thing (I probably wouldn’t blog, full-stop), but it got me a little bit excited.

We went around to Michelle’s grandparents for dinner this evening and used their bathroom scales. I now weigh 85.5kg, which is nearly 10kg lighter than I was when I first arrived in Switzerland (I was 94-95kg).

I’m not sure exactly what I can attribute this to; there are a number of factors:

  • Eating less
  • Eating better
  • Better quality food
  • Exercising more
  • Not owning a car

Many of these factors are related, but I think the most significant one would be eating better. Much less sugary stuff; almost no lollies, much less ice-cream, less sugary soft-drinks (Ice-tea and Rivella, instead of Coca-cola). More vegetables; I nearly always eat vegetarian, and I’ve been trying to stay clear of carbs (especially pastas and breads) as they seem to disagree with my digestive system somewhat. Having my main meal for lunch is good too; i.e. not eating so much in the evening when I’m less active.

Not having a car means lots of walking and cycling, sometimes with an extra 40kgs on the back (two boys in a bike-trailer), so I’m sure that has had something to do with it.

So I’m feeling pretty good, I just need to get a bit fitter.


Cutting coffee, while not really affecting my weight, has made a significant impact on how I feel. I was drinking 6-7 decent cups of coffee per day (no milk or sugar, usually espresso). We don’t have a coffee machine at home and so on the weekends I was getting headaches and feeling really drowsy, particularly on Sunday afternoons.

Of course, the simple solution would be to have bought a coffee machine, but I thought I’d try cutting coffee to see what would happen.

For four or five days I felt like crap – headaches, tiredness and just general stiffness and soreness all over, but after about a week I was feeling great. I still have the odd coffee; I’m just a social drinker now.

But I now never feel drowsy, and haven’t had a headache since I stopped.
I really noticed it on our long drive to Italy. Normally after driving for a 2 or 3 hours, I begin to feel drowsy, and really have to concentrate, and/or ask Michelle drive for a bit. However, this time I was able to drive for about 7 hours without once feeling drowsy. It was amazing.

Body mass index, etc.

So, I’m in good health and still getting better.
At 95kgs, my body mass index (BMI) was 28.4, which is getting up toward the wrong end of the ‘overweight’ range. Being at 85kgs now puts me right at the healthy end of overweight, and if I get down 83, I’ll be offically ‘normal’ (BMI of less than 25).
To get to the middle of the ‘normal’ BMI range, i.e. a BMI of 21, I’d need to be 73kgs. Can you imagine me at 74 kgs? I’d be a skeleton – 🙂

I’ll be happy to be a normal 83kgs, and to be fit and healthy.

So, if any of you Kiwis want to loose a bit of weight, come and visit Switzerland for a bit!

5 Responses to “Weight a minute”

  1. 1 Louise

    Wow Dan, Well done!!! I really need to follow your good example. Although now eating gluten free it is easy to eat bad stuff (chocolate, ice-cream etc) instead of good stuff. Thanks for the reminder.

  2. 2 carl

    or eat vegetables and mork for nzpost!
    hah! nice work dan, i commend you on losing the coffee. that must have been pretty tough. enjoy your ‘new/improved self’ and go for the 83!

  3. 3 Jessica

    That is what happened to my husband as well… it is also an anomoly. Good luck! And keep up the good work.

    Ps. I thought this might be of interest to you… not sure where in NZ you are from, but nonetheless interesting…http://www.stuff.co.nz/stuff/waikatotimes/4783942a6004.html

  4. 4 Steph van G

    Good one Dan! Keep up the great work!

  5. 5 sportsthought.com

    Dan, I’m worried you are losing too much too fast!

    I think you need to eat more meat and get more caffine into ya.

    don’t let the culture of fear surrounding weight issues get to you.

    coffee, carbs and carnivorism are you friends!!!

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