Week 3 – Exercise

So exercise.  Yeah.  It is tricky being regular with this. So we changed our thinking a little and it has helped.  Used to be concerned about how far we ran (we have a treadmill).  But have decided to concentrate on time instead and calories burnt.  I have discovered that when I walk (at 7km/h) uphill I burn nearly twice as many calories as when i run on a flat surface at 11km/h.  Pretty cool, but obviously I don’t go as far!  Exercise is addictive, totally addictive!

So cutting down on sugar is tough.  But we definitely did a pretty good job.  Daniel did much better than me.  After a couple of days of no sugar, i had a bite of brownie and the sugar hit me really fast and I felt a little sick actually.  That was just from one bite!  And then last night I ate a couple of meringues.  They were good!  And full of sugar.  But all in all, we have found ourselves not being too excited about eating sweet stuff and I can’t buy stuff with artificial preservatives and flavour in them anymore.  Funny how you can train your mind.  It seems that is the key to healthy eating.

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