Week 2 – cut down on sugar

Preservative free week has gone well.  Eaten so many vegetables and had heaps of natural snacks in between meals replacing flavoured snacks.  I seriously feel better for it.  This week we are going to add to it by cutting down our sugar intake.  I am a sucker for lollies so they will be first off the list.  No soft drinks (although we managed that last week so that should make it easier).  I do like a sugar in my tea so will try to cut down on that.  Baking is something I love but unfortunately I end up eating a lot of it too so will have to do more savoury baking or cut down the sugar in recipes.

Actually, on the weekend I made a lovely date cake.  The recipe says one cup of white sugar and one cup of brown.  I only did 2/3 cup of each and it can out perfect and plenty sweet enough!  So there, it is possible, at least it is a start!

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