Trip to Zurich

We didn’t know until last week but Daniel has two weeks holiday over the Christmas / New Year period as his office is ‘closed’.  Bonus!  So we are enjoying time at home with Dada.  We decided to go into Zurich on Friday to see him after work and check out the Christmasy things going on there.  We found a  Christmas market at the main train station with a huge Christmas tree covered in Swarovski crystals.  Quite impressive.  We found the Singing Christmas tree, which from a distance looks like some decorations moving around on it but on closer look it is people singing (hence the name!).  Very cool.  There were lights and people everywhere, it was crazy trying to maneuver around with a pram.

Noah had a turn sitting in Dada’s big chair at work.  And a photo of his loved F16 plane (is that right, captain Simon?) that we took along and left somewhere on the train.  Doh.  Ah well.

Two more days till Christmas YAY!

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  1. 1 Suzanne

    I love the way you have published your photos – it’s a gorgeous photo montage!

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