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It seems I get an email / text / call a day telling me about another friend / family / colleague who is pregnant. So, I thought you pregnant ones (congratulations, by the way!) might like to know what names are popular in Switzerland. Check out this article for the Top Swiss Baby Names. Perhaps some ideas on what to name your kid… Or not to name your kid if you don’t want them to have 7 other same-named kids in their school class!

Interesting how names are getting shorter. Maybe we are getting lazy and can’t be bothered saying long names anymore! Noah is still one of the top names here in Switzerland (we didn’t realise that when we named our second son). Actually Noah has been calling Toby ‘Tobias’ lately, his full name, which a lot of people here call him because it is well known and easier to say then ‘Toby’. I guess we were just being lazy shortening his name to Toby!

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  1. 1 sirij


  2. 2 Warren

    Tobias and Noah are the top boys’ names in our book!
    Mutti & Papa

  3. 3 Louise

    Your boys are gorgeous in that photo Michelle!!!

    Interesting article.

  4. 4 Claire

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    Thank you very much and my very best wishes to you and your lovely boys!


  5. 5 karen

    Hi everyone! I am about 2 and a half months pregnant right now with baby #4! I am very exited and I have alreay began thinking of names. I would love to hear how you like them, or to hear of any that you like! I love the names: Harlow, Ayla, Quinne, Max,,Camrie, Layton,Tailynne,McKinlie,Mckayla.
    Actualy, Layton was my fathers name, and my Moms middle name is Tailynne
    I also LOVE the name Harper, what do you think?

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