Top 10 things foreigners find remarkable about Switzerland

These are from a newspaper article back in 2007. I haven’t experienced all of them as yet. I love no. 10 though – so true! And I have added a few of my own…

  1. How early people get up, even in the weekends.
  2. That nobody complains, even when he/she can wash only once a month. (referring to the community washing machines in apartment blocks, i think – they often have strict rules and rosters as to who can wash, when etc.)
  3. That no Swiss person understands that people eat cheese-fondue other than in winter (i know, I wanted to eat a Raclette in summer and that was weird enough for my Swiss relatives but they let me anyway)
  4. That Swiss people always dress up..even if they get some milk (yip, no pyjamas and barefeet at the supermarkets or petrol stations here – not like NZ where that is quite normal – believe me, I have worked at both!)
  5. That entire Switzerland finds it normal that there are lots of traffic congestions in summer due to road works. (well, I guess everything is covered in snow in winter)
  6. That after 6 months in CH you are annoyed if your neighbours flush the toilet after ten pm. (we have read in our apartment contract that we should refrain from running water after 10pm)
  7. That Swiss parties end 11.30pm latest.
  8. That Swiss hosts start cleaning up during the party!
  9. That Swiss hosts expect guests to help with washing up. (haven’t experienced that yet…!)
  10. Swiss really like if you are spontaneous-as long as it is planned!

and some more:

– they still have intermissions at the movies here.

– that it is quite normal to work less than 40 hours a week. And there are heaps of part time jobs (even 10, 20 & 30 percent).

– the shops are actually shut on Sunday (and people are outside doing outside stuff – not shopping!)

– they don’t race cars here. It is illegal to have legal car races!

– that you can drink a beer on the tram on your way home from work, and no one thinks you’re a homeless drunk.

the list could go on…

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  1. 1 carl

    sounds fully awesome. i’m still pretty keen on the barefeet though! hah. peace out fam.

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