To Lenzburg by bike

Daniel and I were itching to do a bit of exercise as the cold winter days have kept us inside more than we like.  Daniel suggested we do a bike ride – along one of the hundreds of awesome bike trails through this country.  We didn’t do anything too grand but thought an easy ride out to Schloss Lenzburg would be fun.  It is just under 15 kilometres one way so nothing too energetic.

So we wrapped us and the kids up warmly for it was a mere 3°C (quite warm compared to the -3°C we had been having!).  The castles in Switzerland are closed over the winter period but still able to go and have a wander around it.  My parents got married at this beautiful castle which is much more attractive in summer time.  But the boys love exploring and we had never seen Lenzburg altstadt either.

It was interesting to see all the castle-like stuff – drawbridges, canons, spyholes.  And tonnes of sea-shells can be found in the rock that the castle is built on – how did that get there?!

Noah and Toby loved climbing the hill up to the castle.. no, wait, they hated it…  but they loved going back down.  Actually Noah was determined to sledge down and didn’t understand why we couldn’t (I had to give it a go to show him the importance of the presence of snow and a sledge in the act of sledging!).

Anyway, feeling pretty tired now.  Might go to bed!

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