The hippo did do a poo

We took a day out and went to Basel on the train. Went to the Basel Zoo and checked out the local sites. Was quite cool, really really cool actually. The boys loved it. Toby reckons his favourite part was when the ‘hippo did do a poo’. Typcial kid. Although, I have to say it was quite an experience. Apparently when hippos poo, they wave their tail around and scatter the poo everywhere. Some unfortunate school kids were a bit close and got hit by some flying doodoo. Toby thought that was hilarious. I have to say that the Auckland zoo definitely beats the Basel zoo (which strangely enough is the 2nd most visited attraction in Switzerland, the first being the Rhinefall in Schaffhausen). Some photos of the boys at the zoo: Toby kid with goat kid, African Elephants, Little monkey looking at big monkey, By the Rhine River (close to German and French border)

I am sitting here eating Swiss chocolate – I know… but I have to make sure I do my Swiss duty and eat the 12 kg quota for the year and I have some catching up to do since it is already May! (the Swiss eat a crazy average of 12 kgs a year per person which is the most in the world, second on the list is the USA which only eat 6 kgs a year, still the Swiss are one of the fittest and healthiest nations).

We have done lots of boring but necessary official stuff over the past week like registered with the Gemeindehaus Oberentfelden (local council) to get a B Permit for Daniel, which is going to take a couple of months to process. Organised train tickets for the coming months of daily travel to Zurich and back.  Opened a Swiss bank account yesterday. Don’t be fooled by it though, its sound fancy but it currently has $0 in it… Trying to sort out getting some bikes and a kinderanhänger… etc.  It is quite a different feeling coming here with the intention of staying and working rather than holiday making.

Anyway, read a couple of interesting things on the Family First midweek update. A couple of links to articles in the Sunday Star Times (18 May). Here is one on how NZ is ‘drowning in depravity‘. Major issue. And another on the 10 top activities kids want to do as voted by kids and parents. Note that they are all outdoor things and nothing electronic mentioned! Wow. I notice that Toby often gets easily angry and grumpy when watching TV or playing games on the computer. Fresh air is definitely the best thing.

Ok, till next time.


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  1. 1 Steph van G

    Ha ha, sounds like a very interesting sight to see a Hippo doing a doodoo. Poor school kids!

    Glad to hear you guys are getting settled and are enjoying yourselves so far.
    We are thinking and praying for you.
    Love Steph and the Van G Family xx

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