Swiss Zero Star Hotel

How about that?!  Who said the Swiss only offer expensive 5-star accommodation?  Here is an article about a couple of arty dudes who have come up with a brilliant concept.  Well, i think so anyway.  A Swiss hotel, zero stars, built in an underground nuclear bomb shelter.  The temperature is 5 degrees and no luxuries whatsoever.  But they do give you some ear plugs next to the chocolate on your pillow to help with the ventilation noise!  At least you would be safe in the case of a nuclear blast.  And at least it would be easy to deal with complaining guests!  “Sorry, Sir, this is a zero star hotel, we have no rules to follow and no expectations to meet so go away!”

It costs only 10 – 30 CHF a night!  Still I am not sure I would like to stay or work there after only being in 5 star hotels business!  I am a bit of spoilt snob when it comes to hotels.

Check out the website (which might be a bit of a zero star website according to my web designer husband) and a video about it.

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