Swiss Wives

Here is a snippet from an article out of the WEC (Worldwide Evangelism for Christ) magazine: Quite funny and oddly true. I find that lots of people have Swiss wives here in Switzerland too! (haha)

The Swiss Missus(es)

What is it about the Swiss? Am I the only one to have noticed the phenomenon of Swiss wives in WEC?

We have one WECer from Portugal. He has a Swiss wife. We have one member from Egypt. He has a Swiss wife. We have another North African with a Swiss wife. We have two Scotsmen with Swiss wives, an Englishman with a Swiss wife, and our DID is one of three Germans who has a Swiss wife. Newman from Zimbabwe has a Swiss wife. I find PB (retired in NZ) has a Swiss wife, JR from Brazil in Senegal has a Swiss wife, Ngang from Indonesia has a Swiss wife, Suleman from Pakistan has a Swiss wife, Babak from Iran has a Swiss wife, Misak of the T-team has a Swiss wife, Brian of the Y-team has a Swiss wife. A couple of Swiss men have non-Swiss wives, but can any other SB boast such an export of WEC-wives?<

And this may not be an exhaustive list! PS: I’ve just heard of a Fijian short termer to Chad – he has a Swiss wife, too.

(Andrew Bowker)

Editor: Well, they say that Switzerland is the next best thing to heaven…

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