Snowing cornflakes

We’ve had a couple of days of snow with more forecasted.  It is awesome (Dan’s word!).  We took some time out to play around in the snow, making snow angels (just for you, Simon) and throwing snowballs (just for you, Simon).  Tried to make a snowman but it was a bit tricky, although the neighbours managed a huge awesome (!) one somehow.  Our snowmen making skills still leave much to be desired. Noah looked out the window last night and said ‘look at all the cornflakes’, I think he meant snowflakes…  Haha.

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  1. 1 Louise

    Aww Noah is so cute, I love the little things he says!!

    Wish I was there with you enjoying a Swiss winter and Christmas!!!

    I had better fly, Miriam spilled a drink on herself so I took her clothes off and now Faith has drawn pictures all over Miriam with felt pen. Oh dear, it has only been a few minutes!

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