Schloss Biberstein Weihnachtsmarkt

In Biberstein, a wee town not far from Aarau there is a castle which cares for people who have some sort of disability.  They get to live and work in this beautiful castle!  Every year they hold a Christmas market and it is well known for it amazingly creative works and atmosphere.

We went and had a look yesterday.  It was really cool (and really cold too!).  The creativity of the decorations around the place was what really blew me away.  You can see by some of the photos – how to turn a plastic bottle (well – 100 of them anyway!) into a work of light and art.

The boys loved the boat making stand and the wee ‘river’ to run the boats down.  And we had to try out the lebkuchen decorating aswell.  Different coloured icings and sprinkles, including gummibears – not many of which made it onto the lebkuchen!

They sold handmade everything – candles, wooden toys, Christmas decorations, jams, biscuits, pottery.  Just incredible.  I really am addicted to these Christmas markets.  They are everywhere now.  Every city, town, village has one going on, some last a couple of days and other are on all month.  I know all you guys in NZ are boasting about hot days at the beach, and it is hard not to be a wee bit jealous.  But we are having brilliantly cold and snowy days.  A real Christmas season – the way it should be – right!?  Watch this space for more Christmas magic, um, i mean markets…

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  1. 1 Crina

    I remember going there! And was just thinking the other day how I wished I could remember where it was, and what the castle was called cos I thought your boys would love it. Glad you found it on your own! Looks like they had a ball. Wish I was in CH right now! The weather down South is nothing to write home about – heaters and electric blankets still on in DECEMBER!!! LOVE YOU xxx

  2. 2 Dad

    Great to see how you are finding out about all these special places and activities. And then to go and enjoy them with your family.
    Love Dad

  3. 3 Priscilla

    Well even though I’m loving the warmer weather here in Aucks, i’m still a bit jealous of you guys getting a lovely snowy Christmas in such a gorgeous country 🙂 I’m still gutted I didn’t get my white Christmas in America last year (I thought Philadelphia would be a safe bet, but nope)… guess I’ll just have to try and get one in Canada or Europe sometime in the near future!

  4. 4 urban quint

    Hi, my wife Jeanine was doing a search on Google for Schloss Biberstein. She happened to find your family website and we read your page about the gifts at the castle store. I grew up living at Schloss Biberstein in 1950-1954. I live in the USA now. Last week my son David and I visited Schloss Biberstein. I hadn’t been there since 1985. On this last trip I found who my real father was and found out I have a half brother Willy Kinzler near Zurich. It was a special eventful trip and my son was with me – made it even more special.Sincerely urban quint

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