Playgrounds on trains

I just want to say a huge thank you to whoever invented playgrounds on trains. You deserve a medal. I must say when travelling the 3.5 hours to Zermatt, it was great to have at least one leg of it with the kids entertained by some body/thing else but me. On alot of the ‘double decker’ trains one carriage has a playground complete with slides and activities for the kids. Great stuff.

Anyway, it beats sitting opposite that grumpy lady who scowled at me every time my boys made a sound. Sorry, but can’t really expect them to be quiet all the time. Especially the Noah, who squeals for joy whenever he sees another train.

3 Responses to “Playgrounds on trains”

  1. 1 Cornelia

    Hallo Michelle! Ja, gäll, diese Familienwagen sind super. Simea ist da auch schon mehr als eine Stunde rauf und runter gerutscht! :o ). Du vielleicht warst Du mit den Jungs in einem Ruheabteil, dass diese Dame immer so mürrisch dreingeschaut hat. Das gibt’s eben auch auf unsern Zügen, und da geht man mit kleinen Kindern besser nicht rein. :o ).
    Bis bald! Cornelia

  2. 2 Michelle Willis

    Hmmm, I thought that too, at first, that is was the Ruheabteil of the train, but it wasn’t. The lady was just grumpy in general, at everyone that made a sound! She should have been in the Ruheabteil, I think!

  3. 3 tractari auto

    Great article.

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