Paper Bag Princess

Oh, i just have to post about the Swiss and their environmental friendliness. A little inspired by Jessica and her blog but nonetheless a worthy subject to blog about.


I love how the Swiss recycle. I love these paper bags they have at the supermarket. I love that you can put 6 litres of milk and lots of chocolate in a bag and it doesn’t fall apart! I love that I can put my cold things in a special paper bag (Isoliertasche) that keeps things cold… my problem is that I always forget to take the bags with me when I go shopping, so have to buy more, hence the wee collection.

Oberentfelden is the last town in the canton Aargau that does not yet have to pay for rubbish recycling. Except that at the latest referendum, the locals voted to pay for rubbish. Do you know why, because they care! Yip, we have the most rubbish here in Oberentfelden compared with all other towns in Aargau. And because we don’t pay, we are a little more careless with our rubbish. So the locals voted to pay for rubbish bags to reduce this. It will make us all think twice about that cardboard container or plastic top. Rubbish day in Auckland is like 2 × big 50 litre bags per household + recycling. Here is it like 1 × 12 litre bag per household and everything else is recyclable. Good thing I use cloth nappies!

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  1. 1 Anita

    I always forget my eco bags too! I wish our ones were that cool 🙂 Instead of just boring green. Sorry to read about your marriage dramas, well your marriage license dramas I should say!! Pics please if you and Dan do get ‘re married’ he he he

  2. 2 Jessica

    So exactly how much chocolate can you fit in those bags? 😉

    I blogged awhile back about these baggu bags that I use. You should check them out if you want a super cool, resuable bag that you can always have at hand for shopping:

    Wow, they have like a million more colors now. Pretty.

    Ps. I bought mine on Amazon.

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