Our very own apartment

Well, not really ours, we are renting.  But we moved out of my aunty Maja’s house in Oberentfelden into an apartment in Aarau.  It is a smallish apartment but we don’t have much stuff so it is perfect for us.  It is on the 7th floor of an apartment block and I am a wee bit freaked out when I look down from our balcony.  But if I look out rather than down, then I am completely blown away by the incredible view.

The boys love it.  Especially the lift that takes us up.  Toby calls it ‘our hotel’ or ‘the loungement’.  Our biggest challenge will be to teach the boys to be very quiet in the house and hallways with people living all around us.

The move went well, although our new couch from Ikea wouldn’t fit in the lift so Daniel and I carried it up 7 flights of stairs.  That wasn’t fun.  Every muscle in my body aches now.  By the way, I am a bit disappointed in Ikea.  I mean, the stuff they have is cheap and trendy but the service was terrible.  But that is another whole blog post!

Thanks to Maja, Ramon and Julia who allowed us so willingly and without complaining, to live, and sometimes take over their house for 5 whole months!

Will post some pictures of our new home soon.

3 Responses to “Our very own apartment”

  1. 1 Priscilla

    Cool hope you guys get settled in there soon :) look 4ward to seeing pics of it

  2. 2 Steph van G

    Whoa! 7 flights of stairs – must be a pretty good couch!!
    Looking forward to seeing photos soon.

  3. 3 Anita

    Michelle- I went to Ikea over in Oz. I was completely amazed, HUGE and LOTS of stuff. Lots of cheap stuff. But I only brought two folding toys baskets so can’t really comment on their service. Hopefully if they come to NZ the service will be good.

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