Oooh, another very cool thing about this place… Mobility cars! We have just signed up for a four month trial. It is like a car sharing / car hire company. You pay a small subscription fee, then you have access to 2000 vehicles at over 1000 stations around Switzerland. You book it over the internet and then can collect the vehicle anytime day or night using a special card, so no key required to unlock. Quite a fantastic idea.

You pay an hourly fee and a price per kilometer (which includes petrol). Very reasonable and you could just use the car for an hour grocery shop, or for a weekend away (we hired a seven-seater over the weekend to get us out to the mountain hut and back). There are over 80,000 customers in Switzerland. So, you really can get by here without having to own a car, and this is much better option for the environment too! Here’s to much more Mobility!

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  1. 1 Jessica

    GREAT! I posted about my Mobility challenge a few months ago, but in hindsight I think the problems I had with them were all my own. I should have just got the membership like you did. Please post and let me know how it works out for you! Can’t wait.

    Ps. I am loving all the photos on the blog. Keep it up! It is hard work but it is worth it and appreciated! It looks AWESOME!

  2. 2 Louise

    Wow this is such a cool idea! I would really be in to something like that. Guess I will just have to move to Switzerland!! 🙂

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