Mmmh, Zwetschge Glace!

We went out for dinner tonight with the cousins, Aunty Maja and Grossmueti & Grossvati and Picasso (the dog). To a typical Swiss (Italian?) Pizzeria. Man, the pizza is so so good. Had heaps of fun. Trying to speak Swiss and deciding which flavour glace (ice cream) to have (I had a Toscana Pizza then Zwetschge (plum) and Strachiatella ice cream for dessert).   Carlos and Julia (his friend) left about 8 to go to a Hip Hop concert in Olten.  They are really into hip hop, rap and techno here.  But man, it sounds so funny hearing rap in German, and Swiss German – is quite terrible really!

It rained a bit today. That was cool though as we had a pretty quiet indoor day anyway. Our awesome Phil & Ted buggy has had a mysterious tyre blow out which has been a bit of a bummer. I now know how to ask for a child buggy wheel inner tube in Swiss. And know all the bike shops in the vicinity (we had to go to a few to find one that was open with the correct tube). Anyway, it has meant we have been stuck at home a bit more than we would have liked.

We have about two weeks now until Daniel starts work. Trying to decide what to do and where to go. Lots of awesome options. Can’t wait! Will let you know.

Going to church tomorrow with Grossmueti, to the local church here in Oberentfelden. They have a monthly Sunday service at 11 minutes to 11 (that is Swiss timing for you!) where children can come along.  I don’t think in general children are that well catered for in the state churches.  But i may be wrong.  We have found a couple of ‘free’ churches that offer children’s church and translation of the service into English  (both important for us!) so that will be on the agenda to check out the next couple of Sundays.

All people (unless you really don’t want to) belong to a state church – either Catholic or Reformed (none of the presbyterian, baptist or methodist stuff).  You pay compulsory tax to the church out of your wages.  The pastors here are quite well paid compared to some small NZ churches I guess.   Problem is that not all or many of them are truly bible believing, gospel preaching, evangelical churches.

So here begins the mission to find a church.  One like Trinity would be great but hard, near impossible to find!

Our naughty kids are still up (10pm our time).  Too much good food probably.  Better go sort them out!

Love you all

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