Mark Driscoll, Food and T-shirts

Had another cute conversation with Toby today.

Daniel and I have been listening to heaps of Mark Driscoll’s sermons (Mars Hill Church, Seattle).  We love his stuff.  We have listened to his series on the book of Proverbs over the past few weeks – heaps about being a man, father, husband, women, wife, mother and about bringing up kids etc.  Totally worth downloading and listening to on your way into work in the car / train… Or you could listen to them while sitting on the couch eating bärentatzen and drinking glühwein like us!  But that is another story…

Well, one of the sermons was about men, and their duty to work and provide for the family, to not be lazy and go and work and earn money etc.  Daniel thought it was important to teach Toby why his Dada goes to work each day and instill some good work ethics early on into our young boy!  So they had a man-to-man chat a couple of weeks ago.

Today Toby asked “Why is Dada at work”  To which I answered “What do you think?” (this is my latest answer to all of Toby’s ‘why‘ questions as I find he often knows the answer!).  Toby said “To get some money”.  To which I said “And what does Dada do with that money”,  Toby answered – “He shares it with us”.  I said “And what do we do with it?”.  Toby’s answer: “We buy food and t-shirts”.  Gotta love all those t-shirts!  Haha.

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