Luzern and the Verkehrshaus


Daniel was brave and drove all the way to Luzern on the right hand side of the road (which is lucky, since they drive on the right here!). It was cool and the boys loved the tunnels and mountains and lakes on the way. We had a beautiful hot day and had a great view of Pilatus mountain and the Vierwaldstattersee (lake in Luzern). Daniel wanted to take the boys to the Verkehrshaus (transport museum). It is pretty awesome seeing all the steam engines and cars and stuff. They had a massive cool play area for the kids where they could collect different shape blocks and deliver them to houses and collect and sort and distribute using various means of transport.

We then went for a walk around Luzern and across the famous old wooden bridge. It has to be one of the most beautiful cities in the world. I heard some Swiss guy say that he had travelled around the world for over 4 years from country to country and still reckoned that Switzerland was the best.

Here are some photos: boys on a wee train, Dan & the Noah on a nice bike, michelle on a bike!, Noah doing some hard work, By the old bridge in Luzern

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  1. 1 Mutti & Papa

    We love to see the photos. Miss you guys. Wish we could be there.

  2. 2 Louise

    Wow, gorgeous photos! I wish I was there too!! I remember the couple of days we visited Luzern. So cool! Seems so unreal to see you in the photos with your boys and to know you are in Switzerland when you were just here in Chch a few weeks ago!
    Thanks for the Anniversary wishes. The girls made pancakes for us for breakfast and gave us some handmade photoframes which was a lovely surprise. I am just sitting here in my pj’s eating my pancake and feeding Miriam little pieces of it which she loves!
    Hey what e-mail address shall I use to e-mail you? love Louise xxx

    ps remember how we saw that german guy Michael Fischer in Luzern?

  3. 3 Kathryn

    Hi guys! Its so cool hearing all about your travels. I am very jealous seeing all the photos of the lovely weather! Its so yucky and cold here. Hope all is going well and the boys are settling in ok. I love the photo of Noah doing the hard work. He looks so cute with the hat on! Miss you heaps, Kathryn xxx

  4. 4 Priscilla

    pretty pic! Luzerne is where my friend lived for a year as an exchange student back in highschool, and loved it! i think her host family she lived with pretty much lived on the side of that mountain!! she showed me some pics.
    how far is Luzerne from Aarau?

  5. 5 Sarah

    hehe, we have the same picture infront of the bridge

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