King for a day!

Who is the King? If I asked Toby that, his answer would be ‘God’, and he would be right!  But I am talking about something a bit different.

Today is the 6th January and the Swiss celebrate the ‘Heilige Drei Könige’ (or ‘Epiphany’ in English speaking countries) and it is commemorating the Magi or Wise Men visiting Jesus.

In Switzerland, it is tradition to buy / make a Dreikönigskuchen (Three King’s cake).  One of the buns is baked with a plastic king, each family member takes a bun and the one who finds the wee king in their bread is named King of the family for the day.  Guess who is our King!?

The youngest member of the family – Noah!

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  1. 1 Mum

    Hello our loved ones,
    Dad and I just got home from the beautiful wilderness in the south (having walked the AWESOME Queen Charlotte Track – 71km in 5 days), and caught up with your latest blog entries. And we got very homesick, missing you guys so much! But we are so happy for you that you are able to enjoy the Swiss culture in every season. You must be very excited about going to Bettmeralp.
    Would love to come with you and get some COLD snow on our hot faces!
    Love to all, cuddles for the boys,

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