Just got back from the airport…

Michelle and the boys have just flown out, and I’m here for another six weeks to finish work, hand over the apartment and tie up any loose ends.

I’m sure Michelle will blog about her trip, and I’ve got a couple of posts lined up (Geneva Auto Salon, and more) so there will still be plenty more to read about here.

Meanwhile, I’m enjoying our sunny balcony – something we’ve not really been able to do until recently.

2 Responses to “Just got back from the airport…”

  1. 1 sarah

    sounds like it will be an interesting blog when Michelle gets back and is up to it. I pray it was nothing too serious and that it is easily solved back here in NZ. Looking forward to seeing you all and at the same time I am slightly guttered for you that you have to come back… but still excited to see you all the same and the selfish side of me is really happy you do have to! love and hugs to the family split on both sides of the equator!

  2. 2 Steph van G

    Hi Dan,
    Hope everything goes smoothly for you in tying up all the loose end etc before you come home.
    Would love to catch up with you guys once you are all back home and have had a chance to settle back in.
    Take care and God bless,
    Love Steph xxx

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