Just a little bit of progress

So to update you on my saga with Swiss bureaucracy… I tried to call the Migration people about a dozen times but their phone was always busy so I stormed down to the local council (Gemeinde) and said ‘help!’. The lady there was very helpful (she knows me well by now with my nearly daily visits!). She said that the migration people never answer their phone and I will have to call Oberkulm (the home town of my ancestors) and get them to send me a confirmation that yes, I am in fact married. The weird thing that all of us (the local council, lady on the phone at Oberkulm and I) can’t understand is that since my marriage is registered in Switzerland, why can the migration people not get the paperwork together themselves and actually read it. The official swiss certificate that I sent to the migration people say that my marital status is not single but MARRIED!. I have a copy right here – it says – Zivilstand – verheiratet seit 29.01.2000. So what is with all this single and bigamy stuff?

Ok, well, I had to seriously talk to God about this one. Not a major I know, but I was getting so fired up about it all and had to ask for His help to calm me down. After I prayed my frustrated prayer, the phone rang and my dad was on the line from NZ – sent by God to calm me down I am sure.

Actually, Dad told me they made a movie a while ago about Swiss bureaucracy called ‘Der Schweizermacher’ about a foreigner trying to get Swiss citizenship. A must-see for all Swiss, I understand. I would hate to have to be a foreigner with all this bureaucracy. I am Swiss and it is hard enough!

Another blogger makes me think it isn’t all that bad, perhaps getting a drivers license isn’t too tough anyway!

Anyway, fingers crossed this bit of paper is the one the migration people want. Will be watching that letterbox.

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  1. 1 Jul

    Yuck, I hope it gets cleared up soon! We had (as you read) for the most part a fabulous time dealing with Swiss bureaucracy, but at the end of the day it is still bureaucracy, so things are bound to go wrong sooner or later. But seriously, it is still sooooooo much better than trying to get something done in Italy. 🙂

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