Here we go again…

We got back safely from Lake Geneva. Sadly a little earlier than we had planned. Noah got a vomiting bug and Toby, you guessed it, got the chicken pox. Just noticed the first spots on his back this morning, exactly two weeks after Noah got his first spots. Grrr. So here we are again. I guess I was a bit too hopeful and had planned another week full of catching up with the friends I had to cancel on 2 weeks ago. So back at home for a wee while. Poor kids. Hopefully it will be all over by the time Missie and Simon get here in July.

But, we did manage to enjoy some awesome sights in and around Montreux. Went out with the crazy Football fans on Friday night to watch the game. On Saturday we went up to 2000m to Rochers de Naye where Marmot Paradise is. We saw some of these funny animals too which Toby calls ‘Marmites’. Hung out in the snow, then inside the restaurant for a hot chocolate and back down the mountain again on the cogwheel train. We then went for a long walk along lake Geneva. So beautiful with all the huge mountains. Quite funny cos the villages we could see across the river were in France. Cool cafes and playgrounds, oh and M√∂venpick ice-cream stands everywhere! We walked out to Chateau de Chillon, an incredibly beautiful castle from back in the 1200’s. The boys loved exploring all the different towers and dungeons.

Here are some photos:

Snow at 2000m – Rochers du Naye

Marmot (it was raining hail at the time)

View from the train – lake and French alps

Daniel, Toby, the swans and Chateau de Chillon in the background

Michelle, Noah and the Chateau

Princes of Chillon

Steep stairs in the castle’s keep

View from the top of the keep

3 Responses to “Here we go again…”

  1. 1 Sarah

    I am sooooo insanely jealous of you all right now. I am stuck looking out at a rather overcast and gloomy day, bored out of my wee little tree and feeling well a bit depressed really! Oh to be breathing in nice fresh alp air, eating good chocolate and sight seeing around amazing history… ok you can keep the chicken pox but man the rest looks pretty awsome. I am totally missing our coffee’s michelle! Though robert harris have brought out a cookies and cream flavour that you will have to try when you come back. Please come back! Well at least for a visit!
    I am so bored I am starting to plan Will’s first birthday already (ok so it’s 6months in advanced! I am a geek!). It’ll be on November the 29th so hopefully you are back for that. Its a dinosaur theme. Nathan has warned me that I will make him hate dinosaurs by the time he is 5. Oh well its cool at the moment.
    Loads of love and hugs (and jealous thoughts!)

  2. 2 Kathryn

    Bummer! I am not surprised Toby picked them up but its not nice for you. At least you will be done with chicken pox after this and won’t have to worry about it anymore. Its great reading all about your travels! You are defenitely giving me itchy feet to travel again. Miss you heaps xxx

  3. 3 Steph van G

    Poor wee boys – they’ll both be pretty miserable I bet. Hope you and Dan are managing to get some sleep.
    Love the photos – scenery is spectacular (as are all of you of course!)
    Luv Steph xxx

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