Health and Taxes

Haven’t written for a couple of days (oh no!) so thought I better catch you up. Not much really exciting been going on. I have spent the past three days going from insurance company to health insurance company to bank to tax department to kindergarten, trying to get stuff sorted. It is pretty tricky here, you have to make an appointment for everything and go in person. Can’t do stuff over the phone or internet. I guess the Swiss are very much still into face-to-face customer service (either that or they are technologically challenged – which I doubt).

I have to say, the tax system is pretty awesome here (in canton Aargau anyway). They charge you on a case by case basis. We have to pay in advance but basically your annual tax is about one months salary. So less than 10%.

You get a little money for kids here, but it works the other way than NZ, so the more you earn, the more you get per child. Not very socialist. Miss Clark would not like that. Then there is compulsory health insurance which isn’t cheap. What I am freaking out about is the NZ IRD. They won’t give us a definite answer as to whether we have to pay NZ tax on our Swiss income (which would suck since the tax rate is way higher in NZ). Some people we speak to say we have to pay tax on our Swiss income in both countries!! and others say we don’t. I am sure we will get there one day. IRD are supposed to be working on an answer for us. Mum’s dear friend Marianne is going to help me tonight with translating all the technical German terms that I can’t find anywhere in my dictionary. Thanks Marianne.

Left the kids on their own with Grossmueti for the first time today while I went to one of my appointments. They were happy as larry with her. Great stuff. Grossmueti really is awesome. The boys love her and my aunty Maja.

On a lighter note… we are off to beautiful Montreaux this weekend. In the south of Switzerland on the lake of Geneva, where they speak French! Should be cool. Busy though with the Euro 2008 going on. Got the last room at the local backpackers for the price of a NZ five-star hotel!

Catch you soon!

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  1. 1 tanya

    yay! sounds like you are heaps busy!
    miss you guys

  2. 2 Priscilla

    Wow cool, sounds like a good weekend! 🙂 Hope all the tax stuff gets sorted out, IRD are slow enough as it is!

  3. 3 Christian

    “he can claim back $15 a day for lunch too which is then taken off his tax, and travel costs. ”

    Just to avoid confusion: It is taken off his taxable income, not his tax. Big difference 🙂

    And about money for the children, I thought it’s a fixed (tiny) amount per child and not dependent on the income. But maybe Aargau is different than Zurich and I’m really not sure anyway

    have fun with the Swiss bureaucracy 🙂

  4. 4 Michelle Willis

    Doh! Yeah. I did realise it was his taxable income, was writing it too late at night. I have decided to simply delete that bit, save more confusion. It really is quite swell of the Swiss to credit you for meals and transport though!

  5. 5 Jessica

    Congrats on the move to Switzerland. We moved to Zurich about three months ago now and love it. I really think your chocolate count is classic and I might have to steal your excellent idea for my own blog! 😉

    As for taxes, that has be thinking – I wonder if we have to pay Aussie/American taxes as well!? Yikes!… calling the tax accountant now!

    Love the blog – will check back again soon.

  6. 6 Christy Dalimore

    Hey Dan and Michelle,

    It is great reading all your exciting happenings in Switzerland. It sounds like you are having an awesome time. Tim and I are having a baby. I am due on Jan 8th. Plus we just bought a house in North Nowra. I will finish teaching at the end of the year. Keep up the blogging!

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