Had a 30 degree day yesterday and 29 today. There is a wind called ‘Föhn’ which is common here and is a really dry, warm wind that makes it so hot. (apparently Christchurch gets that as well, Daniel tells me). So we decided to go to a lake called Hallwilersee, fairly close to where we stay. My granddad has a boat which he built himself and sailed there for 20 years. Grossmueti & Grossvati decided to take us for a ferry ride around the lake. Was so beautiful, seeing all the Swiss villages up on the hill and we could see snow-topped mountains in the distance. Just blown away by the beauty. We also went for a bit of a walk. A couple of photos: Toby, Noah & Grossmueti on the ferry, Where my grandad’s boat lives, The calm before the storm There are heaps of cool things that they do in Switzerland. They are so ‘outdoorsy’ here, all around the lake are campfire sites, a big floating stage out in the middle of the lake where they perform shows during the summer. The swimming pools everywhere are so well done. Walking tracks, bike paths absolutely everywhere… the list goes on.

My Grossmueti is an incredible lady. She is really someone who I look at and hope that I will be even a little bit like her when I am older. Well, I am older already, I hope I am even a little bit like her now. So generous, nonjudgmental, always always thinking about everyone but herself. She keeps really fit and healthy so that she can continue to look after Grossvati. She is a Christian too, which is so exciting, I think the only one in our extended family. So a mission field for us just here!

The boys are doing great. I am kind of surprised that they haven’t been asking about New Zealand. I guess they just adjust real easy. Toby does ask everyday if we are in Switzerland, and every time we go for a walk or hop on a train he asks again. Just to make sure we aren’t somewhere else, like Hong Kong.

Noah is very good at saying ‘Yea” and ‘K’ and nodding his head. He yells ‘Hi!’ at everyone and ‘Bye train’ every time he sees a train. He is a real charmer with his big smile and everyone just adores him. Toby is loving the freedom of playing on the street (it is a quiet street with lots of kids) and hanging in hammocks. I found him this morning with a pile of books he had taken from his room, lying outside in his hammock reading. So cute.

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