Just a quick post to show my sisters that ‘Roggehusa’ is still the same. We went today with my grandmother to a small animal / wildlife park in the forest in Aarau. I have been going there since I was a young girl and have simply the best memories of this place. But they have the coolest play area with the coolest rides and so the boys didn’t care too much for the pigs and rabbits and horses and ponies and mountain goats and peacocks and deer. AND… I get to ride on those cool little electric powered cars with my own kids and they can build their own awesome memories (by the way, the best thing about having kids, nieces or nephews is you have an excuse to go on kiddie rides and playgrounds and stuff!). AND… the little cars still cost $1 swiss franc. They cost that 25 years ago too! Wow.

We were quite surprised to see how well Toby could maneuver and steer a vehicle. I think Daniel wants to enrol him in go kart racing!

That was a bit of a childish post. All good though, right?

Some photos (now a smaller size for you southerners with dial up!): Dan and Noah in tyre swing, The famous wee cars, Toby in carousel

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