Flying with Simon

Wow, we had an awesome morning yesterday. I know, after my last disaster experience with flying you would think I dont want to go near a plane anymore… but I LOVE flying. Can’t ever stop me travelling….  Anyway, Uncle Simon the pilot (sorry Simon but that is what Toby calls you!) took us up in a wee 4-seater Cesna 172 and we did a birds-eye-view tour of Auckland. Auckland is beautiful really. And I can’t believe how many people have pools!

Both Toby and Noah came along. Noah sat on Aunty Missie’s lap and loved singing and hearing himself talk into the headset.

I have to say that ‘driving’ a plane is a lot harder than I thought. Simon trusted me to steer for a bit and I kept climbing higher and higher. I guess that is better than going lower and lower! I am now in awe of all pilots. You are very clever, Simon.

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  1. 1 Gran & Papa

    Thanks for the photos Michelle, looks like a good time was had by you all. Looking foreward to seeing you tomorrow. Love from Gran xx

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