Emmentaler Cheese… Mmmh!

I had the privilege of driving home through Emmental country on my way back from Thun and Bern.  It is where the famous holey cheese comes from.  It is beautiful countryside with rolling green hills and of course, lots of cows and farm houses.

Emmental country is known in Switzerland for it’s supersize everything.  Supersize meringues, supersize houses, supersize people.  Maybe it is the America of Switzerland?!  No, not even close.  No Macdonalds or skyscraper in sight, except for the snow covered mountains in the background. I love the traditional houses in Emmental with the huge roofs.

We visited the Emmentaler Schaukäserei where you can view a factory making Emmentaler cheese and find out how it gets the holes in it.  Very cool! A must-see if you are ever down that way.

Wikipedia says this about the cheese: It is noteworthy that “Swiss Cheese” not made in Switzerland typically tastes considerably different, primarily because the raw milk to make the cheese should not be transported over long distances, as the vibrations homogenize the milk, and thereby changes the outcome. So if you want to try the real thing, you will just have to come to Switzerland!

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  1. 1 Missie

    Oh my gosh I went there with Marianne! That’s where we got those delicious cream pies… the best in the world! MMMM!

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