Daniel’s B Permit – the saga continues

Before I have another wee moan about the Migration office in Aarau, I would like to say that the Swiss are generally very efficient and systems are well thought through and work well. I still have to laugh though how everything is done by snail-mail as opposed to email. Perhaps that is just us small-town Aargauers that are like that anyway. Like, when something arrives for you at the Gemeinde, they send you a letter to say it has arrived, as opposed to phone-call or email!

We need to know how much longer we have to wait until Daniel’s permit arrives. Daniel needs it so he can get a yearly train pass, an apartment, keep his job etc! So, I tried calling the Migration office a number of times, but as we already know, they never answer their phone. It has now been over 10 weeks and we were originally told it would take about 3. Again, having no luck with the Migration people, I went and asked the Oberentfelden Gemeinde if they would mind investigating. They too, had trouble getting them to answer the phone, but did hear from them eventually. Guess what… the Migration people said that our application was ‘irgendwo’… that means ‘somewhere’. In other words, they don’t know what is happening with that application – I wonder if they ‘lost’ it. And they asked the Gemeinde to please resend the application paperwork. Thankfully, the Gemeinde was clever and had photocopied everything.

Grrr. I can’t believe we have to start AGAIN! On the 12th August, we will have been here three months and Daniel will officially not be allowed to stay here without that Permit. Surely that won’t happen…

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  1. 1 Warren and Catherine

    Can Daniel re-start the immigration clock from when he reurnrd from England? That might give them enough time to find the paperwork!

  2. 2 Steph van G

    Whoa, hope it gets sorted soon!!

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