It’s been an exciting week for Daniel with starting a new job, in a new country, with a new language. Perhaps not so exciting for the rest of us being stuck home with chickenpox and the constant rain. Noah’s pox are slowly healing and hopefully will start to disappear over the next week.

We all ventured out today to a place called Emmenbrüke (just north of Luzern) to check out a bike shop – a three-storey bike shop! – and bought a Croozer kinder anhänger for our bikes. Now we can bike everywhere and take both kids with us and the shopping too! Who needs a car?! We did a bit of a test drive (in the rain) and it was awesome. The boys loved it and all the Swiss biking tracks are ideal for getting around easily. It was also quite cool because the whole of Switzerland was inside watching the first Euro 2008 football (soccer) match so we had the road to ourselves. Oh, we just lost 0-1 to the Czechs. Not good for the Swiss.

Some photos of our wee expedition with our new kinder anhänger: two, one

4 Responses to “Croozer-ing”

  1. 1 Crina

    How very cool! So where does the shopping go? The boys must love it… but hard work for you to pull, Michelle? Thanks for keeping this updated and with photos too – so easy for us to catch up with your goings on. Love you all so much xxx

  2. 2 Jono

    So very cool… they boys look so cute in there… Toby looks like he’s loving it…

  3. 3 Priscilla

    What a cool thing to have! the boys must love it so much! hehe

  4. 4 Sarah

    however will you adjust when you come back? You will all be sooo fit!

  1. 1 Back in Action at The Adventures of Swiss Family Willis

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