Crazy Noah

“I am crazy” – that is what Noah says when he looks at the photos of him.  We have so many photos of our crazy wee boy.  He loves pulling ‘crazy’ faces, has an obsession with trying on everyone elses accessories – snowshoes, sunglasses, hats, earrings etc.

And he has no fear it seems (except of balloons?!).  On the train he will often wander around meeting the other passengers or sharing raisins with a random kid (eating off the floor together!).  On the train back from Zermatt he entertained the entire carriage.  The other passengers made barriers with their arms down the eisle and Noah would have to walk up and down and say the magic word to open the barrier arms.

He has a need for speed too.  And loves going as fast as possible on sledges, scooters or in cars!  “Baaaastar Mama, Bastar, Go Go Go” he yells to me (I know, it sounds a bit dodgy but he means to say “faster”)

Here are some “crazy” photos of him:

4 Responses to “Crazy Noah”

  1. 1 Miriam

    I love that crazy Noah! SOooo cute 🙂

  2. 2 Missie

    He must take after his crazy aunty! hehe

  3. 3 Mum

    We love him too!
    Maybe we all need to be a bit crazy – in order to stay sane!
    Hugs and kisses for our beautiful boys,
    Grandma and Papi

  4. 4 Gran, Papa and Aunty Alisa

    We love to hear your news and see your picures. What a cute Noah! It’s great to see Noah feels secure enough to be himself and be a wee boy. I think he takes after a couple of his aunts. Can’t wait to see you all in person. God bless you and keep you. Love from Mun (Gran) and Papa xxxx

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