Congratulations Corina & Martin

Congratulations Corina & Martin on your long awaited boy.  Lucas William John – born today!  So excited.  We just came back from celebrating with Grossmueti and Grossvati.  Great-grandchild no.4 for them. And I am proud auntie again.  Now the boys have two cousins!  (one more coming soon too – thanks Jono and Anna!).  God is so good!

3 Responses to “Congratulations Corina & Martin”

  1. 1 Louise

    Wonderful news!!! Congratulations Corina and Martin (and big sister Giselle)! How much did Lucas weigh? I will get in touch with you Michelle for their address. Love Louise

  2. 2 Ruth

    Yay! That is so cool! I’m so pleased they have a little boy! Could I also have their address Michelle? My email is if you’d like to send it there.

  3. 3 Crina

    Yay – congratulations to us indeed!! We feel so blessed. He is a darling boy, except that he looks exactly like a minature Martin (AGAIN)! I am a human incubator. And sooo tired! But feeling GREAT otherwise. Louise, he was 4.1kg or 9lb 1oz, so pretty big but came out real easy!

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