Church & Writing Swiss German

Oooh, was so good to go to church again today. Haven’t been for a few weeks and Vineyard was having a three-week holiday. I love how churches all round the world sing the same songs. We could walk into any church here and know at least some of the songs they sing. Only difference is that they are in a different language.

Swiss German is not really a written language as such. Everything here is written in Proper Deutsch (German). But there is the odd exception, like some of the church praise songs. Here is a verse of “God of Wonders” in Swiss German. I love it.

chschte Gott
Du besch Herr vo Ruum ond Ziit
Du besch heilig heilig
S’Universum zü
gt vo Diner Macht
Du besch heilig heilig
Herr und Chonig besch du

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  1. 1 Priscilla

    aw cool seein that song in Swiss German :)

  2. 2 Mum

    Wow, the chocolate index

  3. 3 Mum

    Oops, I pushed the ENTER button too soon!
    Here we go again:

    Wow, the chocolate index has gone up a lot since Simon and Missie left!! Are you doing some ‘comfort eating’?! – Thinking of you… and see you SOON!
    That song in Swiss is beautiful. Last I time I was at church, they sang ‘You are my Hiding Place’ in Swiss! Quite weird, but lovely!
    Love always, Mum

  4. 4 Lisa

    Hi Michelle,
    So excited to have found your blog–we are a Christian family with Vineyard roots and young kids (8, 5, 3)–and incidentally, our eight-year-old is also a Toby! We will quite possibly be moving to Switzerland this spring or so. We’re considering the Aarau area (for a work commute into Zurich) because Kanton Aargau would allow us to potentially keep homeschooling our children as we do now in Chicago. Anyway, we are also researching churches, with a definite preference for English services or translations as my husband speaks no German at all yet. If you’d be willing to answer a few questions about the area and churches there, I would be super appreciative. Thanks for blogging about your experiences!
    Best, Lisa

  5. 5 Christian Schlötterer

    Dear Swiss Family in NZ
    i have a request. For my wedding i need the lyrics of “God of wonders” in Swiss German. Do you have them and can please mail them to me. Thanks a lot


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