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For those of you interested in our church hunting mission… We attended the Freie Christengemeinde Aarau this morning. It is a ‘free’ (as in, not a state) evangelical church. Probably one of the largest ones in Aarau (about 400 attend, I believe). It was so great to sing familiar songs – try singing ‘My Redeemer Lives’ in German! People were friendly and they had a special baptism service. The church is great and also serves a beautiful lunch afterward in their own restaurant. They have a wide range of ages attending which is good to see, although they believe strongly that children shouldn’t be in the church service with the adults. That was quite new for us, coming from Trinity where there are so many kids around. The younger kids (up to the age of 4) go to a creche and just play so I felt that Toby & Noah really missed out! Toby loves the music and Noah loves the praying! A bit sad. Daniel was able to listen to the service in English; they offer translation into a number of languages through headphones. I think we will keep hunting in the meantime. Next week we go to Minoritätsgemeinde Aarau, which i think is an evangelical ‘state’ church but it is very ‘free’ if that makes any sense. It is a bit smaller but that is all good for us Trinitarians.

During the service this morning, some of the youth shared about their latest youth activity. Listen to this – so cool! The activity was based around the Luke 10 mission where Jesus sends out the 72. The youth left Saturday morning and had to travel to different towns in a mission to share the gospel with random people. They took nothing with them – no money, food, extra clothes etc. and had to trust in God to provide. All of them turned up at church this morning having made it through the night, well feed and looked after. They were able to share the gospel many times too. I think one group was given a room at a 4-star hotel and a beautiful meal too. Wow. Cool thing is how God led them to all the right places and right people. Divine I say! There is a youth activity for all you brave Trinity girls!

Doris, a good friend of Corina’s, is coming to visit soon. Can’t wait. She spent some time in New Zealand about three years ago. Really cool chick.

Apart from that just been hanging (literally!) around in hammocks out in the beautiful, hot, sunny weather (a mere 26 degrees!). Don’t get too jealous Corina… it is meant to pack up on Tuesday and be raining and cold for the rest of the week. Hammocks are so great. So relaxing.

A couple more photos: Toby goes hammock flying, Hammock Time , A cold day on Toby’s trike (one for you, Corina),

Catch ya later.

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  1. 1 Mum

    Hi all my loved ones
    Thank you so much for keeping your blog updated so well. We love to look at photos of our loved ones every day! Makes us miss you even more, though… Interesting what you write about your church experiences. I think the ‘Mino’ might suit you quite well, I’ve been to that one! I must say you all look so well, relaxed and healthy. Wonderful to see!
    It’s pouring with rain here again. Have a great, SUNNY week!
    With all my love, Mum

  2. 2 Evan Panama

    I usually don’t usually post on many Blogs, still I just has to say thank you… keep up the amazing work. Ok unfortunately its time to get to school.

  3. 3 David Begum

    youth activities are always centered on enjoying the day and socializing with other teens.;”

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