Making (and eating) Christmas tree decorations

We decided to make some Christmas tree decorations in anticipation for the wee Christmas tree we hope to pick up in the next couple of days.  They have heaps of different size, real Christmas trees for sale at the moment on the corner of the street.  Some really little ones, like shorter than Noah, must be less than 80cm.  They are all perfectly shaped too, how do they grow them like that?

Anyway, I found this idea in a Coop magazine and thought I would try it with the boys.  It seems pretty simple, using double sided tape and hundreds & thousands to make a plain red ball look really cool!  It was fun too, for the short time it lasted!  The boys thought it would be more fun to eat them instead of make them.  I caught Noah in the act, he climbed on the bench, grabbed and apple and a decoration, and took a bite out of each.  Funny boy.

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