Chocolate & Marriage

Yes, our chocolate index is a bit behind for being here 6 months.  If we were eating the same amount as the average Swiss we should be well over 12 kgs now (for our family total).  I think our current 7.8 kgs sounds greedy enough though! I have bought about the same amount again in chocolate and sent it home to NZ.  Perhaps that should be included!  Man. Perhaps our consumption will pick up a bit over the winter months.

And that word marriage is in the title – nothing to do with chocolate – just thought  I would share a cute story about Toby and his thoughts on marriage:

He asked me what the purpose of each of his fingers was – yes, he is at THAT ‘why?’ stage – you know index finger, middle finger, pinky etc.  I won’t tell you all my answers cos I just made them up (anyone have the right answer for me?).

Anyway, when he got to his ring finger he asked ‘what is this for?’  I said ‘on that finger you will wear your wedding ring when you get married’.  He thought a moment and said ‘I don’t want to wear a ring when I get married, I think I will wear a t-shirt instead’!

Funny guy.

2 Responses to “Chocolate & Marriage”

  1. 1 Simon

    arrrrggghh! i had one block on swiss chocolate left and it seems SOMEONE has opened it for me. miss choc and gepfily and apfelsaft for breakfast – i would where a t shirt too but missie made me where a ring. i feel ya toby

  2. 2 sarah

    that is funny as! Shot Toby what a bright spark! If that was Nat over there he certainly would have reached the chocolate limit… he loves german and swiss chocolate

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