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My favourite Swiss foods

I think it is about time that I list some of the best foods here in Switzerland. Things you must try! Of course, the cheese and chocolate are great, but there is more good, no, great stuff.

Here are some of them (not in any particular order)…

Wähe: Fruit waehe is the best, apricot, rhubarb, apple, cherry, plum. I made an apple one the other day too, pretty quick and easy.

Rivella: a soft drink made out of milk serum. I know, sounds yuck, but it truly is good. And pretty healthy as far as soft drinks go. Not too sweet. I like it! Comes standard, diet or with herbs.

Spätzli or Knöpfli: Pasta made with egg and flour. Very simple (though a little time consuming) and versatile. Mmmh. My grandmother makes the best ones. Here is a recipe.

Raclette: I love this grilled melted swiss cheese over potatoes. Mmmh.

Also great are the freshly baked loaves of crusty bread, gemischter salats (Aarau Badi makes the best one), bratwurst, fondue, bircher muesli, vanille creme, creme schnitte, ice tea… the list goes on… I also love the butter here, weird, I know, but it is made without salt and very creamy and oh so good. I am also a big fan of dark chocolate, the Frey Giandor dark; one of the best. Hence, the ever increasing chocolate index!