Bern Baby Bern

Our last ‘big’ excursion before Daniel starts work next week. We caught the train to Bern and back, much to the boys delight. We walked all over the place, quickly checked out Albert Einsteins old apartment and the famous bears. The coolest thing, I reckon, is the water ‘fountain’ outside the Parliament buildings. It has 26 jets, one for each canton and shoots up water randomly. We discovered it is a bit of a playground for kids: mums come there with their kids, togs and towels. Toby had a ball running round in his undies with all the other kids and getting thoroughly soaked. The square is surrounded by busy roads and restaurants, a very public place in the beautiful altstadt. Quite funny really. Imagine Helen Clark having lots of half-naked wet screaming kids running around outside her office in Wellington.

No doubt we will go back on another hot sunny day to cool off.

Some photos (of course!):

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  1. 1 Mum

    Very Cool pictures of Bern and the Hallwilersee, Roggehuse etc.
    I notice the chocolate index hasn’t been updated – you’re not telling me you haven’t eaten any in the last three days??!!!
    Love you all and miss you heaps…

    Love always, Mum

  2. 2 Michelle Willis

    Hey Hey Mum,
    The chocolate index went up yesterday from 1.2 to 1.5! But I am glad you didn’t notice!
    Love ya

  3. 3 Dan Willis

    And tonight it’s just gone up to 1.6kgs. Mmmmm Cremetta.

  4. 4 Creenz

    Oh YEAH! Martin and I were reading your post and we totally remember the cool fountain with the random jets of water. We ate some lunch there and watched all the kids cool off, wishing we could do the same! Glad you discovered it, though no doubt you had no towel or change of clothes handy?! Bern is so beautiful.
    PS – I’d LOVE a bar of chocolate if you have one spare…?!!

  5. 5 Louise

    Wow, what fun you are having!!! I don’t think we’d have any trouble keeping up with 12kg of chocolate a year – we love chocolate around here, especially if it is Swiss!

    We are going to have a Swiss couple and their wee daughter coming to stay with us. Well not exactly with us, they will be living in a campervan on our driveway for 8 weeks while attending an English school. I will be looking after Naemi for them.
    They came up from Ashburton (going to the EPC in Ashburton which is how they heard about us – Lynda Bayne put them on to us) the other day to meet us and brought a loaf of Zopf! Remember how much I loved it? Charlotte’s Mother made the best Zopf.
    They were telling me they might be able to recommend some churches for you guys, I think they mentioned one in Unterentfelden?? Not sure but I will have to send them to your blog!
    Was very cool listening to the Swiss German and finding out how much I could understand (only very basic stuff).
    Anyway, we are looking forward to getting to know them and we are planning to make Fondue when they move up. We talked about Raclette and Heidi is going to teach me to make Rosti too.

    Hope you have a great weekend and that Dan’s first day at work goes well. Love to you all from all of us!

  6. 6 Sarah

    Dan, do you remember the fountain down by the river in melbourne. it totally reminded me of us running through that! hehe. Man I miss you guys!

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