I think I have said this before… but I love how creative the Swiss are.  I love that they decorate their houses to fit each season.  The array of Christmas decorations available are amazing.   Their handicraft markets are pretty cool too, and people actually buy the stuff!  It is quality!

So I went a bit crazy and found a Bastel shop (handicraft shop) which had stuff I didn’t know you could buy.  I could have spent hours there, except that I had a wee 2 year old with me who wanted to touch everything and see if there was anything edible in the shop.   I bought some supplies and made some things.  Cool lanterns to hang on a set of fairy lights (thanks Cornelia for teaching me!) and I’ve made all my own Christmas cards this year.  The boys and I even made some more biscuits and Noah and Toby have been busy making soaps, snowflakes and various paintings and drawings.

Ok, I know, I am boasting but it just feels so great to unleash that creative spirit in me.  I used to do so much creative stuff but that must have been 15 years ago!  Aaah, I love this country!

3 Responses to “Basteln”

  1. 1 Priscilla

    Wow love all the cards and decorations, very creative and cool! 🙂 handmade cards are the best i reckon!

  2. 2 Crina

    Man you are amazing Mich. Where do you find the time and the inspiration? The cards look incredible, very professional. And the lights are so cool… you’ll have to teach me when you’re back! You’d never know it was December in our house – not a decoration to be seen anywhere yet… how sad! xxx

  3. 3 sarah

    Obviously its time for your guys to have another kid! : p
    Love the card, feel very privilaged to recieve one, makes me feel bad that I re-neged on my idea of making little home made chutneys for Christmas but the last month has been totally insane so I just ended up cheating and going to dirty soap.
    Love and hugs from the leslie clan. xox

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