Advent Creativity

Next week we start the big count down to Christmas!

There are so many reasons why we wanted to spend some time in Switzerland.  One was to experience a real Swiss winter and Christmas.  So far, I am impressed by all the festive season things being offered.  The markets, decorations and advent stuff.

I have always loved advent calendars.  Last year, I tried to find a cool one in NZ and all I found were a few budget and tacky paper Santa Claus ones.  Not like that here, but then advent did originate just across the border – in Germany.   There are zillions (yes, my latest word) of them and they are beautiful.  There are ones made out of paper, felt and wood.  In various shapes with pockets, drawers or hooks.  In which you can put, place or hang a wee gift in – to be opened one each day leading up to Christmas.  Some are reusable so a good investment, can be used each year!  I found a wooden train with lots of drawers in each carriage – 24 to be exact!  Perfect for the boys!

Here is a homemade idea I came across in the Coop Zeitung.  Making 24 Origami bags, decorating them, filling each one with a wee gift and then hang them across the lounge or along the hallway.  Very cool!

And there are thousands of other creative advent ideas.  Here are a few more I found.  I am busy rediscovering my creative side!  It rocks.  There will be plenty more Christmasy posts in next month!

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