Aarau Lights Up

No, Simon, this is not about smoking, sorry!  Although, much of Aarau does seem to smoke, as do many in Switzerland.  Sometimes I wished I smoked.  Does it keep you warmer in winter?  I will just have to stick to Gluhwein and Heisse Marronni to keep me warm, as I don’t plan on taking on another bad habit!

Anyway, back on topic… Last Friday Aarau officially turned on all its street Christmas lights and the shops stayed open till 10pm!  I know, not a major for those living in America or even NZ where there are shops open 24/7.  But in the land where shops close over midday, shut each day at 6 and don’t open on Sundays, it is a major deal to get to shop until 10!  We ventured around the town, in the freezing cold (it was just on 1 degree), listened to a band (who was trying to stay warm in an open truck), ate bratwurst and drank gluhwein.  We lasted about and hour and then headed back home to warm up.  Not before I bought a nice long black coat though!

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  1. 1 Priscilla

    Awesome pics 🙂 I love how the Swiss decorate with what looks like a ‘less is more’ approach… looks more stylish 🙂 much more so than some of the decorations I saw in the States where some people go completely overboard and make things just look tacky.

  2. 2 simon

    why pin that on me?! hehe. those photos make me wanna come on next plane to back to CH.

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