A weekend away with the girls

This is a long overdue post.  Well there are about 10 posts that I havent posted that I should have posted.  Doh. 

Not long before I left my beautiful Switzerland behind to return to New Zealand, my ‘Mami Treff’ friends organised a weekend away at Zentrum Ländli on Aegerisee.  This is a wellness resort run by Protestant nuns (who knew Protestant nuns existed? not me!).  It was so cool with great service, a beautiful setting, rooms with cool loft bedrooms and freaky staircases, loads of fresh snow around – the last I will see for a long time 🙁

5 of us (we missed you Simone!) travelled by train, the long way! – can you believe that we were so busy talking that we hopped on the wrong train then missed our stop?  Ok, I know, that is very believable when there are five women involved.  We all left our children in the capable hands of our wonderful husbands and ran away for some much deserved self indulgence.  We didnt just indulge in beautiful meals and relaxing in the wellness centre, but we also spent lots of time talking, singing, playing games, praying and encouraging each other (and a crazy hike through deep snow!).  It was amazing. 

Thank you girls for a beautifully wonderful and refreshing weekend.  Love you all heaps and missing you.  You are always in my thoughts!

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