A reason to return home…?!

Ok. Don’t get too excited! Not like me, I couldn’t stop thinking about the possibility of Ikea opening a store in South Auckland. Here is an article I found in today’s New Zealand Herald which is the reason for my, perhaps premature, excitement. As you probably already know – I love Ikea. Perhaps they haven’t the best quality furniture. But definitely cheap and very minimalist type design. Not all this fluffy stuff I seem to find everywhere in NZ.

Anyway. Back to reality.

2 Responses to “A reason to return home…?!”

  1. 1 Priscilla

    That would be awesome if it is Ikea! and it says in the article that whoever it is, is lookin at the land right next to the Pacific Events Centre…which is where the old movies are (everyones been wondering whats gonna happen with that land – as the new movies at Manukau mall have recently opened).

  2. 2 Kathryn

    Yay for Ikea! I really hope it comes cause they have such cool, funky stuff! Even better if it makes you come home!

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