A truly Swiss Mountain Hut experience

We spent a couple of days up in a real rustic-as, typical Swiss Mountain Hut (where you have to bend down to walk around in cos the ceiling is so low!) with our good friends Charlotte and Arnulfo. Wow, what an awesome experience. Firstly, no tourists! And it was in an area of Switzerland I have never been – Canton Schwyz, by Lake Lauerz and close to Lake Zug. Had incredible views and did an hour hike up to the top of the mountain where we could see down the other side to the Vierwaldstaatersee and the snowed tops Swiss alps. WOW WOW WOW. We are definitely going to head back that way to do some more exploring. Thanks to Charlotte and Arnulfo for being such great hosts, even flying the NZ flag for us!

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  1. 1 Mum

    Brings back so many memories – wished we could be there with you! Dear little Trachsli! Wonderful to see how tanned and well and healthy and relaxed you are all looking!
    Praying for you every day.
    Much love, Mum

  2. 2 Priscilla

    aw man the Swiss build such cute looking houses, huts etc 🙂 absolutely stunning scenery as well!

  3. 3 Jessica

    The Lake Zug area is gorgeous. These are the photos I am talking about. Lovely. Thanks for a great post.

  4. 4 Spirulina

    Fajna stronka, bede tu wpadal czesciej, pozdro

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