A letter from Migration office

It has arrived… well kind of. Daniel received a letter from the Migration office saying that they have his Aufenthaltsbewilligung (permit) ready for him. All he needs to do is sign the letter – for two reasons: 1. to prove that he lived at the same address as me 2. to say that yes, he did indeed still want the permit! So he is allowed to stay, legally, and indefinitely – as long as Daniel and I are married and live in the same house! Phew. So pleased. Thanks to the Oberentfelden Gemeinde for giving the Migration people a bit of a push.

3 Responses to “A letter from Migration office”

  1. 1 Mum

    Fantastic news! Praise the Lord!
    Thinking of you as you are saying your good-byes to Missie and Simon. Your loss, our gain…
    Life is full of hellos and good-byes, isn’t it? I guess one can’t happen without the other.

    See you in about 6 weeks!
    Love, Mum

  2. 2 Dad

    Congratulations, Dan and Michelle, for having achieved the desired outcome! You certainly deserve a medal – or at least a free copy of the movie ‘Der Schweizermacher’! Well done!

  3. 3 Susan

    I’m so glad for the good news from the Migration office. I just started reading your blog, by the way. Even though you don’t know me, I prayed for a successful outcome. God answers prayer!

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