Monthly Archive for November, 2010

Week 3 – Exercise

So exercise.  Yeah.  It is tricky being regular with this. So we changed our thinking a little and it has helped.  Used to be concerned about how far we ran (we have a treadmill).  But have decided to concentrate on time instead and calories burnt.  I have discovered that when I walk (at 7km/h) uphill I burn nearly twice as many calories as when i run on a flat surface at 11km/h.  Pretty cool, but obviously I don’t go as far!  Exercise is addictive, totally addictive!

So cutting down on sugar is tough.  But we definitely did a pretty good job.  Daniel did much better than me.  After a couple of days of no sugar, i had a bite of brownie and the sugar hit me really fast and I felt a little sick actually.  That was just from one bite!  And then last night I ate a couple of meringues.  They were good!  And full of sugar.  But all in all, we have found ourselves not being too excited about eating sweet stuff and I can’t buy stuff with artificial preservatives and flavour in them anymore.  Funny how you can train your mind.  It seems that is the key to healthy eating.

The truth about sugar

Here is an interesting article about sugar.

A couple of things I learnt:

  • Brown sugar is basically no better for you than white sugar (it is white sugar with added molasses…)
  • Kids don’t go crazy when they eat sugar – that is a myth.
  • Lactose is the only sugar that does not cause tooth decay!

Week 2 – cut down on sugar

Preservative free week has gone well.  Eaten so many vegetables and had heaps of natural snacks in between meals replacing flavoured snacks.  I seriously feel better for it.  This week we are going to add to it by cutting down our sugar intake.  I am a sucker for lollies so they will be first off the list.  No soft drinks (although we managed that last week so that should make it easier).  I do like a sugar in my tea so will try to cut down on that.  Baking is something I love but unfortunately I end up eating a lot of it too so will have to do more savoury baking or cut down the sugar in recipes.

Actually, on the weekend I made a lovely date cake.  The recipe says one cup of white sugar and one cup of brown.  I only did 2/3 cup of each and it can out perfect and plenty sweet enough!  So there, it is possible, at least it is a start!

10 weeks to a healthier us

We are pretty healthy in general.  Don’t eat too much rubbish and exercise regularly.  But compared to our time in Switzerland, we definitely are eating a little worse – and i blame that that on the vast amount of readily available (even 24 hours) fast food.  Again, we probably eat out once a week but even then, that isn’t great. And exercise isn’t a natural part of our day.  Like, no biking to the grocery store, church, work, everywhere really!  It’s just too flippin hard in this county (and biking is too dangerous with kids in tow, seriously!).  So we are using a treadmill – thanks Corina!

I have been doing a lot of thinking lately, brought about by Daniel doing a lot of thinking too.  But we eat a lot of food that is really processed and refined and not in its natural state.  So we have decided to change one thing a week, for 10 weeks and see where we end up!

This week we have started eating nothing with any preservatives or additives, colours or flavour enhancers that are not natural.  That is pretty easy but thought it best to start on an easy task.  Most of my curries and sauces, I make from scratch using fresh herbs and spices.  Things like Coke Zero, which I love, is a bit harder to let go.  Pretty much nothing flavoured anymore, only plain rice crackers (some even have added MSG in the plain variety, I don’t understand why!).  Instead some homemade dip or hummus to add a bit of flavour!

Let you know how we go and our goal for next week soon


I was thinking of starting up with writing this blog again ?!  What do you think?  I would like to do this more for me and my family than anyone else –  it is a cool place to keep record of bits and pieces happening in our lives so that we can look back later on and give thanks or go “man i will never do that again!”.   So here we go…