Monthly Archive for January, 2009

King for a day!

Who is the King? If I asked Toby that, his answer would be ‘God’, and he would be right!  But I am talking about something a bit different.

Today is the 6th January and the Swiss celebrate the ‘Heilige Drei Könige’ (or ‘Epiphany’ in English speaking countries) and it is commemorating the Magi or Wise Men visiting Jesus.

In Switzerland, it is tradition to buy / make a Dreikönigskuchen (Three King’s cake).  One of the buns is baked with a plastic king, each family member takes a bun and the one who finds the wee king in their bread is named King of the family for the day.  Guess who is our King!?

The youngest member of the family – Noah!

A awesome cat

So, since this blog is brought to you by the word ‘awesome’, I thought this picture was rather appropriate.  It doesn’t get much more awesome that that.

Oh, and how is our cat, Michael and Adele?  Hopefully not lost, but surely just as awesome and chubby as this one!

A Happy (White) New Year

A wee bit belated but it is still a New Year, hopefully this one won’t go as fast as the last one because that means I will be turning 30 and that makes me feel a wee bit old.  Aaargh!  We didn’t get a white Christmas but we did get a white New Year which was heaps of fun, seeing the fireworks with a backdrop of snow covered everything!

We have really enjoyed the last two weeks having Daniel home and have spent heaps of time doing cool stuff together – playing games, walking, sledging, dinners with friends and family, seeing Madagascar 2 (which by the way – they don’t allow under 6 year olds in the theatres over here, even for G-rated movies with an adult to Toby’s dismay!) but we managed to buy and download a (legal) copy so Toby could see it.   We did a couple of day-trips as well by train.

We are off to Bettmeralp for a week soon which we are very excited about.  And my school friend from New Zealand – Miriam – is going to meet up with us there!  Aaah a week of snow, sledging and hopefully some skiing too at my favourite place – well I haven’t been everywhere yet – in Switzerland.

Congratulation to Jono and Anna (brother and sister-in-law of Daniel) on baby Josiah.  Born on the 1st day in 2009.  So many babies being born in NZ at the moment.  If I didn’t know better, I would think that our leaving NZ has made it a better place to bring up kids…  Or maybe everyone is having kids in a hope to fill the deep deep hole we have left in their lives.  Haha.

Well, I just made raspberry jelly (not my favourite but Toby is a fan so we have stack loads thanks to Mum and Missie) and I placed it out on the balcony and it set within an hour.  Thanks to the high of -1°C we have today!

Wishing you a blessed 2009.