Monthly Archive for August, 2008

1 August – Swiss National Day

I love all the celebrations and traditions the Swiss have. They really know how to celebrate and get into the mood of things. And there many things happening today. I think most town councils put on an official celebration. The Gemeinde in Ober & Unterentfelden had a lunch time thingi with music, bratwurst (for CHF2 each so quite a bargain), carousel for the children etc. I got my first chance ever to hear and sing the National Anthem. Quite shocking really considering I am a Swiss!

Out tonight to celebrate with the extended family. We are having a Raclette (which I know is not really ‘done’ in summer but have you seen the weather outside? So horrible and stormy and thundery – so quite fitting!) We having a bonfire and letting off fireworks after. Then tonight we heading into Aarau to check out the fireworks and music scene there. Maybe we will have to play a jass too. Happy Celebrating!