10 weeks to a healthier us

We are pretty healthy in general.  Don’t eat too much rubbish and exercise regularly.  But compared to our time in Switzerland, we definitely are eating a little worse – and i blame that that on the vast amount of readily available (even 24 hours) fast food.  Again, we probably eat out once a week but even then, that isn’t great. And exercise isn’t a natural part of our day.  Like, no biking to the grocery store, church, work, everywhere really!  It’s just too flippin hard in this county (and biking is too dangerous with kids in tow, seriously!).  So we are using a treadmill – thanks Corina!

I have been doing a lot of thinking lately, brought about by Daniel doing a lot of thinking too.  But we eat a lot of food that is really processed and refined and not in its natural state.  So we have decided to change one thing a week, for 10 weeks and see where we end up!

This week we have started eating nothing with any preservatives or additives, colours or flavour enhancers that are not natural.  That is pretty easy but thought it best to start on an easy task.  Most of my curries and sauces, I make from scratch using fresh herbs and spices.  Things like Coke Zero, which I love, is a bit harder to let go.  Pretty much nothing flavoured anymore, only plain rice crackers (some even have added MSG in the plain variety, I don’t understand why!).  Instead some homemade dip or hummus to add a bit of flavour!

Let you know how we go and our goal for next week soon

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  1. 1 Ruth

    Yay Michelle, i’m so pleased your writing this again! Hey that’s an impressive first goal! Hope it goes ok.

    A couple of websites i’ve found great for helping with healthy eating are…
    http://www.wildhealth.co.nz and http://www.revive.co.nz

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